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The garment industry will face these challenges in 2018.

1.Material:smallbatches,lotsofbatches.  Asadirectmaterialoftraditionalgarmentmaking,thefabricfacingthebiggestcanbepersonalizedconsumptiontrend.Thiswillmakeclothingorderssmallerandlarger.Inthetextilema
1. Material: small batches, lots of batches.
As a direct material of traditional garment making, the fabric facing the biggest can be personalized consumption trend. This will make clothing orders smaller and larger. In the textile material link, the fabric is a finished product, is "raw rice cooked mature rice" existence. Once a certain type of clothing consumption is out of date, this kind of fabric can only be in stock. Therefore, fabric has the highest dependence on traditional design.
Therefore, how to solve the small batch, multi-batch printing and dyeing will become a fabric industry. Otherwise, in today and the future, where fast fashion is becoming more and more popular, the existence of high-volume fabrics inevitably faces numerous "deep pits" : either no order, no money, or direct inventory.
Therefore, the channel and marketing change of the fabric industry may be an obstacle that must be crossed, and the fabric e-commerce company may be able to become the escalator before the door.
2. Design: close to the requirements.
The field of fashion design is facing a dilemma: if you don't advocate your own personality, the talent of the designer will be useless. In order to maintain their own individuality, it is difficult to solve the problem of how to select precise niche customers and form mass production in the public.
Especially in the first-line market consumption trend intelligence is almost zero, fashion designers are living a very helpless pain of life: either design, either fall, carelessly, will make a warehouse full of stock. Designers don't have enough capital to go to the market and get their bosses to decide, and then judge by the wallets of millions of consumers.
3. Processing: flexible supply chain.
The challenge of garment production and processing is rooted in the dominant market of personalized consumption. Therefore, large quantity orders into dreams, multiple batches, small batch rapid response orders become the norm.
In the new period, garment factories must cross several barriers to get wind and rain: the supply chain channel is perfect and stable. Second, online and offline multi-channel development management; Third, the supply chain must be able to serve small batch and batch of rapid response; Fourth, planning to run its own brand, always ready for a rainy day. These cantons do not pass, the light to other people's work, always passive can not lift the head, not better.
4. Brand: sales is the source.
The 2017 brand operation will face a series of new considerations:
One, don't treat customers as "food" : so, clothing advertising must be sold from the broad to the sale of the change, the heart to please customers will be the key point.
Second, don't use the story as "food ration" : in the past, the brand has to make up a story for "comfort". But today or later, there is no story, as long as customers are willing to, even newborn calves, will soar, more brands will be inside 3 years even five years, suddenly from zero growth to the scale of billions, brand the somebody else not to be?
Third, don't make advertising "rations" : in the channel is very simplified today, want to rely on advertising to open the market, and also want to add the idea of the wool is on sheep's body all the customers, must will be more and more unreliable. With so much money to burn, what else do you do? Get the hell out of here!
5. Equipment: full intelligence and automation.
One, the clothing category is various, at present also is only partial process truly realized automation, the future wants to realize the machine to change a person to still have a very long development journey to want to go.
Second, from the traditional closed assembly lines to fast inverse model, the least of which is the equipment in many small and medium-sized enterprises in China cannot afford the high cost, a lot of time into a response to the slogan.
Third, the equipment research and development is like the clothing design, does not pay attention to the intellectual property patent, the preliminary scientific research and development costs a lot of manpower and material resources, a little inadvertently by other equipment company or the ox person "copy".
Vi. Process:
The particularity is more and more, functionalization, imitate biochemistry.
Wearing clothes for thousands of years, people are the laziest people today. Therefore, the treatment is the most standard process.
Second, it is not clear whether to save the fabric or to attract the opposite sex, the more and more compact clothing, also became the current situation of high elastic fabrics.
Three, to best reflect the beauty of human body, the designer is more and more bold, use a lot of strange design elements, process is often can not meet the requirements, also caused some works, unable to form the humiliation of a product.
Four, the emergence of active biological material, could we will build a layer of self monitoring, environmental monitoring, repair and cut their own, their batteries, discoloration and master their own "skin" of the changes in temperature.
7. Cross border: no boundaries.
"People are not as good as old, clothes are not as new as new", this sentence has to be changed, full functional smart clothing company with our time, could be a lifetime, you dare to change? In the future, clothing is functional, like our daily mobile phone, can we replace it?
The continuous development of science and technology, we are seeking to produce high-tech smart skin clothing, fusion technology elements, elements of plants, biological elements, elements of information technology, etc., in fact, smart clothing itself is a highly crossover, specifically for our own service platform.
Eight, talent's can: unable to retain talented person.
Enterprises do not want to cultivate talents, enterprises do not know how to cultivate talents, the organization system lacks the environment for the survival and development of talents, and lack of employing standards.
Therefore, enterprises should not be in a hurry to seek success, and should have the psychological preparation that "one year does not work, three years is effective and five years is effective". It is impossible to pursue "a hoe dug well" and "eat a fat man in one mouthful", so that you can't "change your mind", "change your mind" and "change your mind".
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