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二.Sustainable development fabrics.

Adopt 100 percent natural and sustainable material source, add environmental protection ecological production, make life style to protect the natural environment as this, completely meet the demand of modern consumer. The main fabrics are: lenzing tencel, modal, EcoVero, etc.



一.Organic cotton and linen

The raw materials used are strict control of the soil quality, water quality, clean air, fertilizing, not using synthetic chemicals in addition to pests, and the processing and production process is in accordance with the environmental protection principle. From the point of view of protecting the ecological environment, it is in line with the inner needs of modern people to return to nature. The main fabrics are: 100% organic cotton, 100% organic linen, organic cotton/organic flax interweaving, blending of various combinations, both regular plain, twill, and satin, also have various small arms, large jacquard.



四.High twist fabric and others.
The yarn is made of high twist and the fabric is covered with fine and uniform wrinkles and obvious sand holes. It has different crepe, concave and convex feeling. Our company's  Viscose high twist variety is as elegant and thin as pure silk, crisp, resilient, vertical, compared with expensive silk fabrics, cost-effective.


二.Printed fabric

With natural fiber woven, knitted fabric base, screen printing and digital printing. With a strong floral design team, we can design various innovative and popular pattern to meet the needs of different brands.