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Whether the cross-boundary of multiple clothing brands and children's clothing business is not acceptable.

Recently the children's clothing market frequency is "not calm" performance. Recently, sportswear brand anta group announced that it bought 100 percent equity and related trademark ownership of children's wear brand, KingKow, and vigorously promoted its own children's clothing business. And similarly, whether it is a sports brand li ning and 361 °, the home of men's wear brand sea billow, or fast fashion brand H&M, uniqlo, etc., after have on children's clothing business benefit or overweight. The industry believes that the children's clothing industry is now widely favored by various clothing brands, and the "two-child policy" will be the long-term dividend of the industry.
Phenomenon multiple clothing brand additional children's clothing business.
According to public information, the anta group bought by a "small laughing cow" is a positioning the high end of the famous children's wear brand, specializing in design and sales of 0 to 14 years old children and children's clothing and accessories, in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan has 80 stores, and the company is acquired a 100% stake and the ownership of the trademark.
In terms of the specific amount and future layout of the acquisition, nandu reporters tried to make contact with anta, but did not get anta's comment before the deadline. But anta sports, chairman and chief executive of Ding Shizhong in some media said publicly that will "bullish on children's development potential, (and) to deepen the group's multi-brand strategy" for the children's market, and according to anta sports a quarterly results this year, its children's products retail sales grew by more than 30%, and the company announced this year, in the year to June, anta increased to more than 2100 independent children's clothing stores.
There are more than one brand of sportswear brands that are equally bullish or benefit from children's wear. According to the SMW reporter understanding, since the second half of last year, li ning to reorganize after the original children's wear brand, decided to form a separate children's clothing department launched "li ning YOUNG," the company said next year will be operated "li ning YOUNG", and integrates stores to 800; Another sports brand 361 ° to profitability in the children's wear brand, according to the company half annual report, children's clothing business in the first half of this year contributed 11% of total revenue, number of sales outlets are also reached 1791
For "children's wear" this big cake, except sports brands, some men's wear and fast fashion and other brands also gradually "enter the bureau". On October 9th, the home of the men's clothing chain brand hailan, with its own capital of rmb660m, was awarded a 44,0039 per cent stake in yingtong products co., LTD., and sought to make a contribution in this area. In addition, fashion brands H&M, uniqlo, ZARA's children's clothing business is also in the force.
The industry believes that this year is the "year of the children's wear market", the market size will exceed 150 billion.
According to the China industry information network, China's children's clothing market grew at a compound rate of 7.60% between 2013 and 2016, well above men's (4.25%) and women's wear (6). The combined growth rate of the 2016 market is 1450. 1.1 billion yuan. According to industry data, China's children's clothing market will exceed 200 billion by 2020. Roland berger, an information consultancy, is more optimistic about the data forecast for children's clothing. It says that by 2020, the size of China's children's clothing market will exceed 280 billion yuan. Although the outlook for the future is different, these statistics institutions are optimistic about the development of children's clothing.
For the rapid growth of the market size of children's clothing, industry insiders believe that the "dividend" brought by the policy is related. Clothing accessories industry association executive director of guangdong province Liu Yuebing SMW reporter interview, said the crossover of fashion brand children's clothing field, is more related to let go of the "comprehensive two children" policy, and the "bonus" is a long-term, in terms of existing policy and industry development trend, overweight or crossover is indeed a fashion brand children's clothing dividend period.
, according to the national bureau of statistics data released this year after let go of the "comprehensive two children" policy, born a population of 17.86 million people for all of last year, 1.31 million more people than the previous year, the national health development planning commission, director-general of the department of family planning guidance at the grass-roots level Yang Wenzhuang said in public, around 2020, almost 17 million people are born, each year as a result of the policy factors net population will be over 3 million.
A plate channel strategy and the personage inside course of study thinks, adult children's strategy of the plates is not completely consistent, at the same time, to the children's clothing main business "crossover" brand children's clothes, also may be "decoupling" brand and children's clothing business, a number of factors could make relevant enterprises "and". In this view, liu yue held an optimistic attitude. He believed that the brand entered into the children's clothing subdivision area to make strategic layout and preparation, "including the connection between brand and children's wear".
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